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tianhai group held a grand flag-raising ceremony on new year's day

release date:05/01/2023

on the morning of january 3, 2023, tianhai group held a grand flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the new year. dong ligang, chairman of tianhai group, yang yongjun, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman, guo desui, president, and more than 300 employees participated.


under the watchful eyes of the audience, guards of honor guarded the national flag and the company flag and slowly entered the arena. the five-star red flag was rising slowly amidst the national anthem, and tianhai people paid attention to it.


after the flag-raising ceremony, dong ligang, chairman of tianhai group, delivered a new year speech. on behalf of the company's board of directors and management team, he extended new year's blessings and sincere condolences to all tianhai employees and their families.


dong ligang, chairman of tianhai group, delivered a speech

looking back on the whole year, chairman dong ligang concluded in his speech that it is only through difficulties that we can show courage; only through hard work can we achieve success . in 2022, the international environment will be complex and changeable, the spread of the epidemic will be under pressure throughout the year, the global supply chain will continue to be tense, the price of bulk materials will continue to rise, and the increase in manufacturing costs will have a great adverse impact on the entire automobile and parts industry. in this context, all tianhai people carried forward the tianhai spirit of "unity and cooperation, hard work and innovation", and took a comprehensive approach to deal with the extremely difficult situation. the multi-pronged approach of epidemic prevention and control, employee protection, production and operation has achieved the non-stop production of important orders and the maintenance of the delivery has polished the "thb" gold-lettered signboard, achieved a year-on-year increase of 25% in cumulative sales revenue, the new energy business accounted for more than 42%, and various operating indicators hit record highs .


facing the future, chairman dong ligang once again emphasized the working idea of "preparing for danger in times of peace, making steady and long-term progress, systematic planning, and step-by-step implementation", so as to continue to consolidate the development foundation and improve the management level . in 2023, first, we must ensure incremental growth, focus on promoting projects such as global phase iii, changchun electronics, and chongqing tianhai electronics to reach the expected production capacity, speed up the construction of the shucheng project in anhui, and accelerate the market promotion and application of a series of new products and new technologies; second, we must control costs , comprehensively deepen and promote the implementation of workshop- level cost management projects, promote the analysis of large projects, and continuously tap the potential for cost reduction; third, improve efficiency, stabilize the general worker team and reduce the turnover rate through the establishment of standardized training procedures; fourth, deepen reform and scientifically plan the organization the reform of the management model is promoted through a series of reform measures, and dividends are sought from the reform.


the journey is in the sea of stars, and the tide surges in the magnificent mountains and rivers . chairman dong ligang encourages all employees to self-pressurize and dare to challenge. under the guidance of the "1235" strategic plan, strive to be the creator and witness of "ten billion tianhai", build a solid foundation for performance, and write a new chapter in the development history of tianhai. this chapter will inject strong impetus into the future development of tianhai!