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work together to create a better future || tianhai group won the "excellent cooperation and synergy award" from chery automobile

release date:14/01/2023

on january 12, 2023, chery automobile's 2023 supply chain ecosystem annual meeting was grandly held at its headquarters in wuhu. tianhai group was awarded the "excellent cooperation and synergy award". dong ligang, chairman of the group, attended the meeting and received the award.


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the theme of the conference is "collaborative work, creating changes and winning the future", and more than 800 suppliers and partners were invited to participate. at the meeting, executives of chery automobile shared the "strategic planning report", "marketing work report", "r&d work report" and "supply chain work report" respectively, and reviewed the past and discussed the future with suppliers and partners. the conference presented awards to 82 suppliers in recognition of their support for chery in 2022. tianhai group was awarded the "excellent cooperation and synergy award", and dong ligang, chairman of the group, took the stage to accept the award


dong ligang (third from left), chairman of tianhai group, came to the stage to accept the award

2022 is a turning point for the auto industry, and china's auto industry is changing from quantitative to qualitative. 2022 is also the year of chery's second take-off. tianhai group and chery automobile will work together to focus on customers, use high-quality products and services to meet the high-standard customer needs of chery automobile, and try their best to exclude domestic and foreign automobile industry chain markets . affected by unstable factors, we stubbornly overcame the practical difficulties of repeated spread of the epidemic, continuous high temperature in summer, and market downturn. we adhered to the principle of stable production and supply, and with strong delivery capabilities, we strongly supported chery automobile to achieve one million sales in 10 months, 20 consecutive years. in 2019, it maintained its leading performance in the export of chinese brand passenger vehicles.0c95a73b472bc6efcc709a7ce52d9695.jpg

honor certificate

tianhai group has been deeply involved in the field of automotive electronics and electrical appliances for more than 40 years, and has maintained a long-term investment in the field of product technology research and development. together with chery automobile, it regards independent innovation as an important capacity-building project for the enterprise. in recent years, under the development trend of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, tianhai group has seized opportunities, accelerated the layout of new automotive electronic and electrical products, and continuously expanded and deepened the cooperation fields and synergy with chery automobile. , transmission system, control system and other sectors, provide customized product solutions, improve the car experience of chery automobile consumers, and facilitate wonderful travel.


a group photo of leaders attending the meeting of tianhai group

as a strong research and production enterprise of automotive connectors and emerging automotive electronic products r&d and production enterprises in china, tianhai group strives to build a market layout based on the local market and facing the world. professional and efficient service concept, through excellent process management, to make continuous contributions to the development of the automotive electronics industry.