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thbi: grasp the opportunity of new energy development and recreate a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing

release date:12/11/2022

after nearly 6 months of construction, the third phase project of thbi high-end wire harness industrial park with a new factory building of about 40,000 square meters was officially put into operation in october 2022. "sky sea speed". the "three upgrades" achieved by the completion of the third phase of the project, together with the "three upgrades" project implemented by thbi in the past year, have injected a strong development momentum into building thbi into a benchmark enterprise for intelligent manufacturing. the commissioning of the third phase of the project marks the full completion and commissioning of the tianhai intelligent electric vehicle transmission system industrial park, which covers an area of 322 mu and has an annual output of 900,000 sets of vehicle wiring harnesses .


# "three upgrades" to create a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing

the third phase of the global project is committed to building a benchmark factory for wiring harnesses. with the construction goal of industry 4.0, it will build a data-driven smart factory through intelligent equipment systems and information systems, and realize the digitalization of product manufacturing process and product management process. global phase iii is a new energy product line, which is divided into 13 functional modules. the production line adopts a one-line layout, driven by electronic kanban (kanban) and double bin system (two-bin), and introduces intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and agv system. , to achieve fully automatic material storage and distribution, to fully realize the upgrade from traditional wiring harnesses to new energy products, from semi-automatic equipment to fully automated equipment, and from automated manufacturing to digital intelligent manufacturing .


 thbi iii intelligent production line

# increase production capacity and store energy for high-quality development

with the commissioning of the three global projects, the scale of thbi's first-class processing equipment has reached a record high. the entire park has advanced intelligent equipment such as automatic off-line crimping machines and double-wire twisting processing centers. at the same time, the factory is equipped with intelligent materials in terms of systems, the intelligent unmanned delivery of a complete set of materials such as automotive wiring harness materials such as wires, molds, terminals, and waterproof plugs has been realized , improving turnover efficiency and accuracy.


the overall layout of the smart workshop 

# improve management, anchor the goal and face the future

under the development trend of the new four modernizations of automobiles, thbi adjusted its strategic layout, anchored the new energy vehicle wiring harness business, seized the development opportunities of the new energy vehicle market, and simultaneously realized the transformation from traditional automotive wiring harnesses to high-end new energy vehicle wiring harnesses. as of october 2022, thbi's new energy business revenue will account for 77%. at the same time, through a series of management innovations such as organizational structure adjustment, full implementation of workshop- level cost management, implementation of lean production, and stimulation of innovation vitality, the enthusiasm and motivation of all employees of thbi to start a business have been further enhanced.


thbi workshop- level cost management on-site observation meeting

# image improvement, open attitude to embrace new changes

the first phase of thbi high-end wiring harness industrial park was completed and put into operation in 2015. in order to strengthen the brand building of thbi, the image improvement project of thbi was launched in september this year to fully and three-dimensionally display thbi in a more modern and technological form and means. business outlook. the image improvement project highlights the brand positioning of "thbi" from eight aspects including "avenue of stars", road improvement, door renovation, and lighting engineering, highlights the theme of green and low carbon, and creates a humanistic living environment for employees. universal park, showing more vigorous vigor and vitality.


of accelerated changes in the automotive industry , thbi seized the opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles and relied on innovation to achieve corporate transformation and upgrading. today's thbi has become a beautiful business card of tianhai group, writing a more brilliant chapter in the journey of tianhai group's high-quality development.

in the future, tianhai group will continue to adhere to the "customer-centric" concept, continue to carry out technological innovation and product upgrades, and work with partners to facilitate beautiful travel.