human resource -j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

take talents as the guide
strivers as the fundation

talent strategy

thb has committed to committed to building an international human resources team, established the strategic pattern of "talent priority development", designed and implemented the development model of talent selection, employment, education and retention with tianhai characteristics, and competitive compensation and welfare, so as to attract excellent talents to provide intellectual capital for the sustainable development of the company.

  • 35

    core talents

  • 510

    elite talents

  • 2100

    backbone/reserved talents

office environment

  • garden-like industrial park, working in nature.

    thb industrial park , built with the concept of "science, technology, innovation, humanity and energy". artificial lakes , gardens in the park, and with picturesque scenery.

  • it has industrial production sites and a nationally recognized laboratory.

    thb provides comfortable working conditions for employees with modern office environment and automatic production equipments.

  • friendly working atmosphere, everyone got their own stage.

    not only a job, but partners accompanying.