join hands with new platforms to discuss new technologies || the signing and unveiling ceremony of the tianhai-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

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join hands with new platforms to discuss new technologies || the signing and unveiling ceremony of the tianhai-saic joint laboratory was successfully held in shanghai

release date:19/11/2022

on the afternoon of november 18, 2022, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the tianhai-saic automobile electronics and appliances new materials and technologies joint laboratory was held in anting, shanghai. min liang, ni lei, hu renqi from saic motor, wang guokang , xu chen from shanghai jieneng , feng xiangzhi from saic innovation research and development institute, guo desui, jing ju, li hui, zheng xiongfeng, wang guotang from tianhai group , wang yongchao and other leaders and scientific research leaders attended the ceremony. hosted by huo yafei, market project center of tianhai group .

ceremony scene

at the ceremony, li hui, assistant dean of tianhai group research institute and vice president of industrial research institute, introduced the cooperation between saic motor and tianhai and the background of the establishment of the joint laboratory. joint laboratory relying on the platform of henan new energy and intelligent connected automotive electronics industry research institute led by saic central laboratory and tianhai group, separate research and development institutions are set up in the central laboratory of saic passenger vehicle quality assurance department and tianhai group industrial research institute , focusing on technical issues such as cutting-edge new technologies, new processes, and new materials in the automotive industry, both parties will rationally allocate superior scientific research talents and experimental equipment resources to achieve information sharing, coordinated development, and jointly explore more comprehensive travel products and service solutions in the future.

vice president li hui introduced the background of the establishment of the joint laboratory

witnessed by the experts and leaders present, min liang, director of the quality assurance department of saic passenger vehicle company, and guo desui, president of tianhai group and director of the group research institute, signed a cooperation agreement on stage. ni lei and hu renqi, senior managers of saic passenger vehicle quality assurance department, wang guokang, director of shanghai jieneng automobile charging system, jing ju, executive vice president of tianhai group research institute, li hui, assistant president of research institute, vice president of industrial research institute, tianhai zheng xiongfeng, director of the new material r&d center of the group research institute and general manager of henan tianhai heju new materials co., ltd., took the stage to appraise the signature.

director min liang and president guo desui signed a joint laboratory contract

subsequently, director min liang and president guo desui jointly unveiled the "tianhai-saic joint laboratory", announcing the official completion of the joint laboratory.

director min liang and president guo desui jointly unveiled the plaque

at the ceremony, president guo desui made it clear in his speech that the establishment of the joint laboratory is not only the key achievement of the industrial research institute to take advantage of the innovation platform and extensively carry out external scientific research cooperation, but also an important deployment of tianhai group's long-term adherence to innovation-driven high-quality development. it will further consolidate the foundation of "science and technology tianhai". president guo desui expressed his appreciation for saic motor's practice of improving r&d quality and efficiency through the establishment of a joint laboratory, and hoped that the tianhai-saic joint laboratory could become a new benchmark and demonstration.

speech by president guo desui

for the promotion of future cooperation, president guo desui proposed to shoulder the responsibility and make every effort to tackle key problems. tianhai group will play the social function of the industrial research institute, equip superior resources, and work with saic motor to overcome a number of common issues in the industry. the results are transformed into automotive products and services to give back to the society; the second is to explore practicality and do things in a practical manner. facing the unknown formats , unknown grafting, and unknown couplings in the automotive industry, tianhai will uphold an open mind and listen to and learn about automotive electronic appliances. new thinking in the industry, but also full of enthusiasm for entrepreneurial officers, to implement ideas and concepts to the ground.

tianhai group and saic passenger vehicle exchanged souvenirs

director min liang delivered a speech at the ceremony. he said that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the use of high-voltage wire harnesses is on the rise, which puts forward higher requirements for the selection and development of wire harness parts. as an independent r&d, analysis and testing center for materials and related processes of saic passenger vehicles, the central laboratory is currently focusing more on the development of new materials and new processes to help the development of "new four modernizations" and automobile lightweight.

speech by director min liang

director min liang said that tianhai group, as a key cooperative supplier of saic motor passenger vehicles, has upgraded the business cooperation between the two parties to joint research and development through the establishment of a joint laboratory, which can give full play to the advantages of technology and resources and realize the research and development of wire harnesses, connectors and other fields. new progress, new breakthroughs. director min liang hopes to use the basic platform of the joint laboratory to realize in-depth cooperation between saic motor and tianhai, and continue to contribute to the take-off of independent brands.

group photo of participating experts and leaders

after the ceremony, the joint laboratory held a seminar on technical topics. the seminar was chaired by ni lei, senior manager of saic passenger vehicles.

ni lei presided over the seminar on technical topics

shared tianhai's new technology, new products, and the subject direction and research topics of the joint laboratory. the experts present focused on new technologies in the field of electronic appliances under the new electronic and electrical architecture. communication on pre-research and development needs. connector serialization, injection molding materials and process upgrades, small-diameter aluminum wires and connectors, vehicle-mounted fpc and connector research and development, high-voltage wire welding process discussion, and vehicle intelligent power distribution units have been thrown out to further provide cooperation between the two parties. reference guidelines and room for imagination.

seminar exchange site

in the future, tianhai group will continue to increase resource investment in the technical field to obtain momentum and vitality for sustainable development. it will also take the joint laboratory as an opportunity to further upgrade the partnership, continuously expand and extend the field of product technology cooperation, and serve the world car users output high-quality products and services.