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electrical transmission system

professional capability in harness and components research and development, providing customers with systematic transmission system solutions.
creating maximum value for customers with combined capability of r&d integration and intelligent manufacturing.
electrical wire harness to vehicle is like “blood vessels” and “nerves” to human body, provides the vehicle with electric power and signal transmission.

electrical transmission system

thb as one of the pioneers of vehicle electronic system is committed to the design and manufacture high speed and high & low voltage wire harness for intelligent connected vehicles.

committed to the security, intelligent connectivity
low-carbon electronic and electrical system solutions

with rich experience in electronic and electrical systems, thb has widely recognized as an industry leader.

committed to green
mobility solutions

we are looking forward to a world of zero emission.
making future mobility greener is the core of our mission.

thb has been deeply cultivating in the field of high voltage electrical system for more than 20 years, we are committed to a full circle solution provider of electric vehicle design, development and delivery.

focusing on full service and simultaneous development for partners serve and grow together with our customers globally

  • innovative technology combination

    focusing on miniaturization, high speed data and standardized multi-voltage solutions

  • system integration

    unique capability of integration and optimization

  • strategic development partners

    global engineering expertise, mold room, technology and test center

  • global service

  • system expertise

  • green mobility

with our unique advantages in electrical design, professional software , system architecture, rich industry know-how, thb is committed to provide customer with most optimal solutions.