thb's smart manufacture -j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

thb's smart

creating, harmony, credit and win-win.

thb’s smart blueprint

based on the forefront of the industry, focus on the transformation of old and new driving forces, complete industrial upgrading, realize the transformation of quantitative growth to quality growth, extension growth to connotation growth, labor intensive to knowledge intensive economic growth mode, and realize thb’s smart.

honors of company

digital factory

smart equipment

raw material stereoscopic warehouse

finished goods stereoscopic warehouse

connector assembly machine

smt automatic line

header connector automatic line

multi-wire machining center


through the construction of e-thb information platform, it constantly builds new capabilities under the information environment, including r&d innovation capability, production management and control capability, supply chain coordination capability, operation management and control, financial management and control, and user service capability, forms and maintains dynamic competitive advantages of enterprises, and helps enterprises to "digital intelligent transformation". keep consistent with the company's business strategy, and gradually realize thb's "industry, finance, tax, research" integration of digitization, networking, intelligent.

quality assurance

quality policy

illustriousness: exceeding customers’ expectations.
we work diligently and industriously to achieve perfection in all aspects.

focus: the customer
code of practice: do things right, at first,and always
method:innovation and continuous improvement
quality control:feedback by customer
for people: show love and care
manner of working: teamwork
pay back: recognition and security

system certification