innovation empowers and upgrades, science and technology tianhai draws a blueprint | tianhai group held the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of the factory and the seventh science and technology innovation festival gala -j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

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innovation empowers and upgrades, science and technology tianhai draws a blueprint | tianhai group held the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of the factory and the seventh science and technology innovation festival gala

release date:29/06/2022

on the evening of june 28, 2022, the 53rd anniversary of tianhai group and the 7th science and technology innovation festival gala were held in hebi art center. hao zhijun, deputy mayor and member of the party group of hebi municipal people's government, jing guangjun, deputy secretary of the party committee, vice chairman and general manager of guangzhou industrial control group, zhou yiwu, deputy general manager, dong ligang, chairman of tianhai group, yang yongjun, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman, guo guo, president a total of more than 400 people including desui and other relevant leaders of guangzhou industrial control group, directors, supervisors and management team of tianhai group, commended personnel and employee representatives attended the party.



chairman dong ligang delivered a speech

at the party, dong ligang, chairman of tianhai group, delivered a speech. in his speech, chairman dong ligang accurately summed up that in the past year, tianhai people adhered to concept innovation and unswervingly pursued development; they kept abreast of technological innovation and unswervingly pursued transformation; they were brave in self-innovation and unswervingly sought breakthroughs. it has successively made outstanding achievements in top-level strategic design, industrial capital empowerment, scientific research platform construction, industrial ecological optimization, innovative business layout, school-enterprise- research cooperation and other fields, renovating the soil for the innovative development of enterprises and gathering greater momentum. chairman dong ligang said that the major changes in the world today that have not been seen in a century are accelerating, the global industrial chain and supply chain are facing reshaping, and technological innovation has become the main battlefield of the international strategic game. all tianhai people must maintain a strong sense of urgency, inherit the tianhai spirit of "unity, cooperation, hard work and innovation", unswervingly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, upgrade innovation empowerment, and draw up a blueprint for technological tianhai to achieve the victorious convening of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china. gift!


at the evening party, tianhai group continued the tradition and solemnly commended advanced individuals and teams who have achieved major breakthroughs, major achievements, major projects such as research and development, technology, and market, set up benchmarks and models, and called on all employees to further benchmark, learn from, and catch up . super advanced, solidly promote the innovation and development of the group to a new level.










in the part of theatrical performance, through various artistic expressions such as songs and dances, the innovation and vitality in the development of tianhai group are vividly interpreted in an all-round and multi-angle way, and it fully demonstrates tianhai people's deeds and dedication in major and difficult and urgent matters hard-working spirit. the one-and-a-half-hour cultural performance made the audience sympathize and immerse themselves in it.





special guest leaders took a group photo with all innovation award-winning representatives.