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specialized in automotive electronic
and electrical system solutions

thb designs and manufactures electronic transmission systems,
connection systems, intelligent control systems,
and low -carbon intellectual solutions to complement the electrization, intelligentization and connectivity of automobiles.

thb has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of automotive electronics and electricals. it has a state certified technology center, a cnas accredited laboratory, henan automobile electric engineering technology research center, and post-doctoral research workstation and other high-end scientific research platforms.

the group owns thb research institute, focusing on the four major areas of electronic transmission systems, connection systems, intelligent control, low-carbon intelligence and dominates a number of national and industry standards. use the best r&d capability, high-end intelligent manufacturing technology, and strong production and supply capability to provide our customer with outstanding technical solutions and products.

thb ketc

u.s. r&d center

thb hebi

thb shanghai

thb zhengzhou

thb chongqing

6 r&d centers around the world international team of top talents in automotive industry

technical solution

  • electrical transmission system

    electrical transmission system

    thb as one of the pioneers of vehicle electronic system is committed to the design and manufacture high speed and high & low voltage wire harness for intelligent connected vehicles.

  • connection system

    connection system

    connecting attentively every time, make cars safer, greener and more intelligent

  • intelligent control

    intelligent control

    the research and development of intelligent control electronic products of thb group adopts v-model process design to realize the interactive verification of product development, simulation and ensure we provide customers with safe and reliable products.

  • low-carbon intelligent mobility

    low-carbon intelligent mobility

    we are focusing on the future of mobility, providing customized and innovative solutions in the design, development and delivery of electric vehicles.

r&d advantage

  • r&d capability

    more than 1300 elite r&d engineers from domestic and abroad.

  • simulation capability

    whole industry chain design simulation technology from separate parts to whole harness. accomplishing the interaction design, simulation and experiment validation.

  • verification capability

    national laboratory verification capability.
    vehicle level experiment verification capability.

  • innovation

    research on common industry issues
    tackle key areas & stranglehold problems

full chain advantage of products

independent development ,technology oriented

laboratory advantage

thb has a laboratory accredited by cnas(china national accreditation council service) registration number: l5027.

thb has the capability to test the overall electric performance of the vehicle, as well as a series of auto parts tests including electromagnetic compatibility, electric performance, mechanical performance, environmental performance, chemical performance and other experimental testing capabilities. it provides a comprehensive guarantee to verify product design, material application, product quality .

with first-class raw materials and product testing equipment, such as german-imported multi-functional coordinate measuring machine, microscope, electric vibration table impact test table, japan-imported pulling machine, dust chamber, waterproof chamber, salt spray corrosion chamber, temperature and humidity environment chamber, auto distribution box simulation test bench, rapid forming machine, automotive electronics, comprehensive test bench, electronic multi-function tester from the usa, 3d optical imaging instrument, function signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, network analyzer, radio frequency signal source, spectrum analyzer, terminal crimp profile analysis, voltage drop testing instrument (combination), x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, insulation abrasion resistance tester, aging tester, digital measurement projector, coating thickness tester, vickers hardness tester, atomic absorption spectrometer, metallographic microscope, thermal deformation vica softening point test machine, melt flow rate tester, etc.

dedicated to automotive electronic parts emc, electrical performance testing services.

strictly conform with the is017025 standards, continuously making the test center a integrated technology solutions provider for testing, certification and technology consulting , and providing customer with full circle security guarantee, to support the globalization development of thb company.